Opening Host Marcus Orlosvsky
9:40 - Rory Sutherland  🇬🇧

Marketers do not know their consumers

Today’s consumer and consumer behaviour is often hidden in numbers. Too few marketers have actionable data at their disposal and many data crunchers are unable to communicate their findings in an understandable & inspirational way. Discover how data can bring insights to life. How data can become impactful communication. But also know that not everything can be measured. That people aren’t 100% predictable. Although some behaviour is. You just need to know which…

10:20 - Susan Weinschenk  🇺🇸
The Future of Human-Technology Interaction
11:00 - Break
11:30 - Kristof Dewulf  🇧🇪 EN
The era of average is over
12:20 - Karl Gilis  🇧🇪  NL
Why you fail as a digital marketer and what to do about it


Networking Lunch

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14:25 - Koen Van Impe
Afternoon opening

The new economy creates less value than the old one

The rules of the games have changed. Digitalisation offers endless opportunities yet also pitfalls. We admire companies like Amazon, Uber or AirBnB but we know that they destroy more jobs than they create and they have not proven yet that they can be consistently profitable. And how cans "classic" companies and brands create value for their customers?

14:35 - Stephan Hyttfors  🇸🇪  EN
Value creation in the digital economy
15:15 - Wim Decraene  🇧🇪  EN
How Digital Dinosaurs can survive and prosper in the Digital Age
15:45 - Break
16:40 - Mark Woerde  🇳🇱  NL
Creative under fire
18:00 - 21:00 - BAM Networking Party
Networking, Free Cocktails & Drinks, Free Food & Tomorrowland DJ