Victoria Hurth

Marketing or bust: The new economy and why marketers must lead it.

Victoria Hurth works for the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. She tirelessly helps organisations discern the essence of "real value" and align decision-making processes at all levels to create it.

Dr Victoria Hurth will empower us to change marketing practice so it can be the nerve centre of the new market economy: A Wellbeing Economy, driven by Purpose-Driven Organisations and Meaningful work.

A detailed keynote summery will be available soon.

Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Independent Pracademic
7 December
Purpose-Driven Marketing
Stage "B"


Victoria is an architect of collective ideas – bringing form and substance to the exploding range of positive acts for a sustainable future happening globally. She seeks out parts of the puzzle, connects them and then presents them back to us in a way we can understand, debate and most importantly accelerate.  With over 25 years focused aligning the decisions of firms, and marketing, with collective long-term wellbeing (sustainability), Victoria draws on her deep expertise of Purpose, Governance, Marketing, Leadership and Culture. In this session she will prime us as marketers to act with the clarity and the level of ambition urgently needed to co-create the new economy and the marketing it depends on.     


Victoria Hurth has worked at the intersect of marketing, and sustainability for over 25 years. She is a strategic guide for executives including as Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership where she also co-designed and leads their 8-week course on Sustainable Marketing, Media and Creative. A former Associate Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business, Victoria was the technical author for the first national standard on Purpose-Driven Organisations (PAS808) and co-led the first ISO in Governance of Organisations (ISO37000). She supported UNCTAD/UNEP in developing core SDG indicators for business.

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