Marc Bresseel

The Utiq Manifesto: why we need to collectively Rethink the industry and drive change towards a more responsible and trusted digital industry.

In an era where our digital ecosystem faces an impending perfect storm, Marc emphasizes the urgent need for “re-thinking” our approach. He is determined to redefine the value of digital marketing and advocate for a responsible, trust-based internet ecosystem. 

7 December
Digital Strategy
Stage "B"


We are in the middle of a perfect storm: people have little choice over how their personal information is collected or used, and the industry struggles to meet increased privacy regulatory changes and consent standards; arbitrary technology decisions are taken by big tech; we see disproportionate digital spend patterns. We need to Rethink. Our industry deserves better. We need a balanced debate on how to preserve an open ad-supported Internet. Utiq is the European, Telco-powered Authentic Consent Service that wants to enable a more trusted and responsible digital world for everyone. Marc is the CEO of Utiq and will discuss why we need to accelerate change and transformation instead of fighting it. The choice is ours.


Marc Bresseel started his professional career at IBM and subsequently grew further while at Microsoft. He was fortunate to kick off the Microsoft online services MSN, Hotmail, and Messenger as one of the early internet pioneers in Belgium. He managed the sales and marketing activities for MSN and Microsoft online services in the EMEA markets, led the Global Agency team, and became Global CMO for Microsoft Advertising.

After sixteen years at Microsoft, Marc moved on to manage the top 14 markets for IPG Mediabrands. In 2014 he became a founding partner of Duval Union, an organization that provides business & marketing consulting, and marketing & communication execution to brands.

He is the author of “Obsessed. Decode the data landscape. Reboot your sales and marketing. Prepare for the era of AI". Marc is obsessed with creating value for brands and scaling teams and organizations. Diversity is very close to his heart – he has been active judge and promoter of the “Inspiring Fifty Belgium”, an award recognizing the top fifty women excelling in tech careers across Belgium. He likes to challenge the status quo in business and life in general.