Peter Decuypere

Success in 7 Failures

Peter Decuypere is an event expert and master of philosophy. As founder of the iconic I Love Techno festival and the legendary Fuse Club, Peter's expertise in the world of marketing and events is second to none. 

His journey, named "Success in 7 Failures", is a captivating tale of self-discovery, humour and valuable lessons learned from both successes and failures.


Event Expert, Entrepreneur & Author
7 December
Stage "B"


This positive and engaging story of success and failure, and luckily success again, has resulted in the book ‘Succes in 7 Mislukkingen’ (Success in 7 Failures), published in April 2023.

Taking his own successes and failures as inspirations, Peter reveals the fundamentals of success. In doing so, he shows us that we all have a personal executive board of different ‘me’s’ (mezelven) inside our minds.  Further on he lets Daft Punk engage in a ‘re-thinking’ conversation with Socrates in which they get to the essence of the success of their music. Finally, he warns us of the danger of becoming bitter marketing fear crocodiles.

Along the way, Peter gives simple management take-aways, some of which fit surprisingly well in with normal daily life. In short, this promises to be a closing keynote that will open your mind and will prepare you perfectly for the following BAM-party.


Peter Decuypere is an event and marketing expert. He is the founding father of the world-renowned techno brands I love Techno and Fuse. After he sold his company, he has continued his passion as a freelance marketing consultant for events such as WECANDANCE, Rave Rebels and De Warmste week . He’s the author of several best-selling and critically acclaimed books and works as a lecturer at various university colleges.

Peter is a passionate and inspirational (TEDx) keynote speaker, and, being a Master of Philosophy, he will let  you discover events and marketing in a surprising and exciting way.  

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