Dado Van Peteghem

Thriving in the age of the Virtual Economy

Dado is an experienced entrepreneur and visionary leader in the digital world. With his innovative thinking, strategic insights, and extensive experience, he has helped companies navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and unlock their full potential.

Dado is passionate about the future, the exponential power of AI, the third wave of the Internet, the Metaverse, virtual communities and more. He wonders how we can create value and grasp the potential of these new technologies to serve the next generation of customers and citizens.

A detailed keynote summery will be available soon.

Imagin3 Studio
Founding Partner
7 December
Digital Strategy
Stage "B"


The third wave of the Internet is unfolding in front of our eyes, but what is it all about and which opportunities will this shift create for businesses, governments & society at large? 

There is a new generation waiting on our doorsteps, flourishing in virtual worlds and virtual communities. They think and act differently, from leisure over work and everything in between. How do you cater to them?

This presentation will guide you through the different layers of the virtual economy and how you can leverage its potential to serve the next generation of customers, communities and citizens.  


Dado is a founding partner at the digital advisory firm Imagin3 Studio, and co-founder of the platforms Social Seeder and Speakersbase.

​He studied Communication & Computer Sciences at the University of Ghent and is a published author of 3 business books: "Digital Transformation" (2014) with Jo Caudron, "Corporate Venturing" (2018) with Omar Mohout and "Metasystems" (2020) with Nils van Dam.

Dado actively helps organisations with their innovation vision and strategy. As a member of the strategy committee of leading fashion group Chalhoub Group in Dubai he often spends time in the Middle East and Asia.