Partners 42nd edition

We do not organise the BAM Marketing Congress on our own. We can count on the support of our partners. Here we would like to thank them all for their support in making this 42nd edition another unforgettable experience.

Scroll down to the alphabetical list below for additional information on our partners (to be completed).

Aluvision partner

ALUVISION is innovative developer & global supplier of the original high-performance and durable modular system for the exhibition and event industry. Combining bold imagination with unrivalled engineering and manufacturing expertise, Aluvision inspires and connects partners on their creative journey to design and build modular environments. The original Aluvision frame system offers unlimited solutions for straight and curved walls, LED walls, suspended signs, light walls, displays & retail environments. Partners can always rely on ample, fast delivery stock.
A constant focus on durability, lifespan, reusability, precision, flexibility and modularity are key features.
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BABM logo

BABM is the Belgilux Association of Branded products Manufacturers. It represents the branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in Belgium and Luxembourg on key issues which affect the ability of brand manufacturers to design, distribute and market their brands. BABM’s mission: to create sustainable value in the Belgian FMCG market through a fair and collaborative commercial climate with efficient supply chains and inspirational consumer experiences. BABM is a member of AIM (European Brands Association).
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DISCOVR uses the latest 360 photography, 360 video and VR technologies to provide you with interactive virtual tours, virtual exhibitions and virtual maps. Their unique expertise aims at driving sales, recruitment and tourism targets. They capture powerful visuals and create immersive brand experiences that will excite your customers and positively impact your business.
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Famous Grey Partner

FAMOUS GREY is a creative agency with 80 enthusiastic experts and is based in the heart of the Botanical Garden in Brussels. We are driven by the belief that brands create future growth, and by the passion to create work that makes a mark.
With expertise in strategy, creation, digital, PR and influencermarketing, and radio- and TV production, FamousGrey provides an all-round support when it comes to creative and commercial thinking.> To the Famous Grey Website


FIGHTCLUB: Marketing is always about winning. Whether it's market share, brand awareness, revenue, or an award, every piece of the puzzle must fit together to achieve victory. From brand strategy to core creative ideas, from social media to Google Ads, it must be fully integrated, measurable, and focused on ROI. Fightclub is a creative agency that works just as result-oriented as a digital agency and we are a digital agency that can come up with equally smart ideas as a creative agency. Because a strong brand means nothing if it doesn't convert, and a digital strategy is hopeless without a strong brand. > To the Fightclub Website 


FLEXMAIL The email marketing platform that helps you meet your targets. Powerful features. User-friendly email software. Effective communication. Design emails tailored to your needs, reach your target group, and learn from the proper results. 
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Logo Lannoo

LANNOO CAMPUS is a specialized imprint of Lannoo, the largest publishing group of Dutch-language publishers worldwide. Lannoo Campus publishes books and content by, for, and with experts and has branches in Leuven, Ghent, and Amsterdam. As curators of expertise, we select the most relevant authors and urgent topics and present them in familiar book form, innovative digital projects, or surprising debates. > To the Lannoo Campus website


MEDIA MARKETING is a publisher that offers a range of business-to-business products for the marketing and communication sector. Their daily digital newsletter offers news from the marcom sector in Belgium and abroad. On their website they present information enriched with cases, interviews, videos and indispensable links to keep abreast of the latest news and trends in the marcom sector. Curious to know more? Subscribe to their newsletter for one free month. News in Dutch/News in French.


MEDIASPECS Granular data on print/digital/TV/radio/OOH media, in a single source: the MediaSpecs Database includes all advertising media in the BeLux, commercial/editorial data and contact info, and enables sophisticated search through include/exclude filters. 
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NESPRESSO We are the Nestlé Nespresso SA Company and are proud to be one of the fastest growing operating unit of Nestlé. Our passionate, entrepreneurial-minded team has transformed Nespresso into the reference in portioned coffee and one of the world’s most trusted brands. Our growth comes from our commitment to research and development in order to pioneer and be the reference in the portioned coffee sector to provide the very highest quality coffees that could be enjoyed in the comfort of consumers' own homes and also savored at out-of-home locations, such as restaurants, hotels, offices and luxury retail businesses. We guarantee quality by taking a careful, thoughtful approach in how we source our ingredients, produce and market our premium coffee products. With corporate headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, Nespresso is present in over 60 countries and counts over 12,000 employees worldwide.
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Forum Europe OFCORES

Forum Europe OFCORES is an international specialist in virtual, hybrid and in-person events for corporate and institutional clients. Our team of digital natives provide one-stop shop event management services, including comprehensive communication packages, genuine brand experiences, hybrid event studios, and effective technology and virtual solutions for your next event. Forum Europe | OFCORES will make this year's BAM Marketing Congress another smashing edition.
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Van der Poorten

VAN DER POORTEN as a climate-neutral printing company, we have been focusing for 75 years on personal contact with the customer for mainly recurring orders (books catalogues and magazines), which  allows us to make sustainable long-term agreements. > To the Van der Poorten Website

Uitgeverij Zwijsen

UITGEVERIJ ZWIJSEN is a publishing company that specializes in educational materials and software for primary schools in Flanders en the Netherlands. We advise companies and organizations where opportunities lie and we tailor-make teaching materials. Previous partners are Kom op tegen Kanker, & Vlaamse Stichting voor Verkeerskunde. An ideal way to reach children and/or teachers through our wide network. > To the Uitgeverij Zwijsen Website


PITCHY is the first intuitive video creation solution dedicated to companies and organizations. In just 5 steps, using trendy, customizable templates and numerous features, easily create unlimited professional-quality videos: presentations, interviews, tutorials, events, storytelling, animated infographics, etc. Impact guaranteed!
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