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Aftermovie 2023 

Theme video 2023 - Re-think       


Meet Bob Safian - business transformer

Meet Dr Victoria Hurth - independent pracademic

Meet Bob Safian - business transformer

Meet Dr Victoria Hurth - independent pracademic


Meet Mark Schaefer - Marketing Futurist

Congress Captain Alex Thoré about this year's congress theme Re-think.


Why you should attend? Because Claus Raasted, Joe Pulizzi and Sara Riis-Carstensen told you so...






Wishing you all a happy holiday, a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

After-movie - Winter 2022

Virtual visit - Winter 2022

Virtual Visit DiscoVR

Meet Myriam Blanpain - CEO AddRetail

Meet Rik Vera - Author, futurologist, business philosopher and coach

Meet Average Rob - YouTuber, Zaddy and entrepreneur (founder of Tout Bien Pils)

Meet Sara Riis-Carstensen - Former Global Brand Director of Lego

Meet G. Mieke De Ketelaere - AI Expert

Meet Jimmy Moe - Video Expert

Feel the Congress vibes!

Meet Lies Taerwe - Pricing Strategist

Meet Joe Pullizi - Content Marketing Wizard

Meet Tim Friebel - Customer Centricity Expert

Meet Eric Polakiewiez - Customer Centricity Expert

Meet Wayne Visser - Head Tutor University of Cambridge and Sustainable Business Expert

Meet Clo Willaerts - Digital Marketing strategy

Meet Silvia Garcia - Former Global Marketing Director of Coca Cola

BAM Marketing Congress theme video

Alex Thoré (Congress Captain) about the congress theme




After movie Spring 2022

Virtual visit Marketing village 2022

Virtual Marketing Village Spring 2022 DiscoVR

Promotion video virtual edition 2020

Virtual visit Marketing Village 2020

Virtual visit Marketing Village 2020 DiscoVR

After movie 2019

Virtual visit Marketing village 2019

Virtual visit Marketing Village 2019 DiscoVR

After movie 2018

Virtual visit Marketing village 2018

Virtual visit Marketing Village 2018 DiscoVR

After movie 2017

Virtual visit Marketing village 2017

Virtual visit Marketing Village 2017 DiscoVR

The BAM Marketing Congress is your annual meet-up with professionals passionate about marketing.