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The Personalisation Dilemma. 6 key considerations to keep in mind.

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The synthesis of opportunities and conflicts Marketeers are confronted with are at the least interesting. Customers want the best experiences in context at the right time in a world overwhelmed by digital possibilities. There is however also a growing complexity of challenges regarding compliance to privacy rules, pressure to break single sources of insights and the need for cost-sustainable marketing and data solutions.  Navigate to this session to get six considerations to think about in your personalisation journey and find your way to meaningful marketing in a dilemma dominated world full of opportunities.


Xavier Verhaeghe is a Partner at PwC and has a long international experience in helping clients in their digital journey in many different domains. He has worked with the most renowned customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa helping those to connect with their customers, innovate and improve their way of working using data, digital tools, cloud and many other technologies.
Before joining PwC he was Vice-President EMEA at Oracle and worked as well at Accenture.
He holds a Master Degree in Management Sciences and an MBA (Solvay Business School (Brussels, VUB)), and followed other education programs, including at the University of Chicago and the London Business School.


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