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Lejeune Debarre


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Open up ! How Decathlon Belgium is evolving from a closed organisation to a sharing one, in the interest of sport lovers.

About the presentation

Its own products, own brands, own factories, own distribution channels, own stores. One could say Decathlon's success is built on locking things up.

But this model doesn't match the change of habits and expectations we all undergo : our company needed to open itself to others. Sport lovers, people, administrations, other companies, even competitors.

Earlier this year, we tried a few things in terms of marketing (but not only), and I'm happy to share with you our experience and to tell you what we're up to.


I am the Marketing & Communication Leader for Decathlon Belgium, a responsibility I took over in 2019 after having spent years in Decathlon stores, from Belgium to South Africa, as close as possible to our customers and teammates. I believe sport is the greatest way to bring people together and make children and grownups feel incomparable emotions and be better persons. Myself a passionate hockey player for the last 30 years and now watching my son taking up the same passion, I know for a fact that sport is also the best school one can have. Knowing this, don't you think I'm lucky to work for Decathlon ? :-)


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