Lucile Gouvernel

and Béord Cédric.

Demystify the gamers persona and win them over!

Business Director


Long gone is the stereotype of the geek, living reclused in his parents’ basement, with big, half broken glasses and a rather big appetite for video games. Because today, not only geeks play video games, everybody does! Gamers are everywhere. 52% of Europeans play video games. A tremendous marketing potential indeed but with very specific expectations that, when fulfilled, can yield amazing results! As a brand, you have to know how to play their game to win them over! Let’s demystify the gamer persona.


Lucile Gouvernel is the Head of Strategy at Vanksen. She has been accompanying clients and brands from all types of industries in defining their brand strategy, mainly on the digital medium, for more than 15 years (10 of them at Vanksen).

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