Krist Pauwels

From sensation to sensitive economy.
How Do Strong Brands Survive in Times of Uncertainty?

Partner, communication strategist
8 December
Communication Strategy
Plenary stage


“The ‘experience economy’ from the 1990s has become a ‘sensation economy’ today. And tomorrow it will turn into a ‘sensitive economy’.”

The 2020s are emerging as ‘the era of crises’, demanding unprecedented flexibility from mankind. As a brand, how do you weather the storm of our time and its effect on your employees and consumers? How do you stay true to yourself while ensuring sufficient flexibility in the core of your brand and on the market. In his key-note, Krist Pauwels takes you along to the ‘sensitive economy’ where large and small brands are more than ever becoming solid beacons for economy and society.



Krist Pauwels has been in the communication profession for more than 25 years. As a strategist at choco, which he co-founded in 2000, he has since advised a vast mass of brands and governments at home and abroad. Pauwels teached at the Thomas More University for 10 years and has since written 8 books, including ‘De Menseneconomie’ (People Economy) and ‘Eerste Hulp bij Crisis’ (First Aid in Crisis). In his work is continually looking for innovations that create sustainable progress and 360° growth in rapidly evolving times. Together with some fellow entrepreneurs he founded Organisation of The Future in 2007, a growing peer-to-peer network around authentic leadership.

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