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The Power of personalisation

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Our world is changing at a fast pace, and customers are more and more demanding. Delivering the right message, at the right customer at the right moment is an essential way to connect with our customers in an omnichannel way. Real-time personalisation, based on relevant customer data is essential to make this happen. But, a careful treat of data is essential as well, and the future of cookies is not sure…
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Geert Kelchtermans is Director Digital Platforms & Experience at Proximus since April 1st 2020. He started his career at Belgacom as Product Manager IPTV in 2004. Before being appointed as Director E-Transformation in 2014, he held several management positions in the IPTV, convergence and Residential Marketing Acquisition domains.

Geert Kelchtermans holds master’s degrees in economics and International Politics.


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