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How to get the best out of your glocal video content strategy?

A clear guideline on setting goals for your organisation’s content production and distribution, and why not aiming for global ‘transcreation’.

Today, 4 creative deliverables have turned into 4000, an 8 months deadline has changed to 8 days and 8 hours. And budgets often remain the same or are being challenged because of more democratic technology and equipment. The conditions for creative agencies to deliver content have changed, and advertisers are becoming increasingly demanding. That’s why smarter, more efficient ways of content creation and international deployment are needed and expected.

Communicating by means of video is crucial to bring a brand to life. For advertisers and brands, but also for B2B industries and public organisations, coming up with regular and fresh content helps to retain and even more expand your audiences.

As a marketer you probably love having an analytical approach on your video campaigns, getting a sound result on your marketing investments. This starts with getting your KPI’s and validating a clear video content strategy. Basically, it includes a hands-on editorial agenda to each out to your targeted audiences, and being consistent in your video branding guidelines.

It’s also the role of the marketing department to evangelize the use of creative content in its company and other departments (sales, HR, logistics, R&D, ect.). But it’s often a struggle. So ask yourself; how can I empower my colleagues and my company to THINK more video? We do have a few ideas on how you can foster this within your organisation.

Besides on how to get started, 87seconds will give you an insight on how can you get your local content campaign at global level. How can you deploy this, making sure that every market, every audience, every platform receives the message at its best? Being part now of global group Datawords, 87seconds aims at transcreating content at a much larger scale, and therefore does have a few tips and tricks to share on the matter.

87seconds is a pan-european creative agency specialised in video production and video marketing strategy, with offices in Brussels (HQ), Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Amsterdam and Madrid. Today 87seconds’ recurrent international clients include, among many others, L’Oréal, Michelin, ING, Besix, Ingenico, Colruyt, Brussels Airport, Alpro, Coca-Cola and the European Union.


Philip Swinnen
Stefanie Wauters
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