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Wim Decraene

Managing Director

Accenture Digital BeLux


I lead Accenture Digital in Belgium and Luxembourg. In this role I’m responsible for digital strategy, omni-channel marketing, digital commerce, mobile, social media, and analytics. I also lead digital engagements with key Accenture clients in the banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, automotive, and telecom industries. I have a keen interest in driving innovation and entrepreneurship forward. My motto: “If everything is under control, you are going too slow”.

Talk introduction

We are in the Digital Age. The business world seems to be dominated by Digital Giants and Unicorns. For Digital Dinosaurs to prosper in this era they should continuously dance on a thin line between renewing their core and designing the new. If they get this right, they can actually be fierce competitors for Giants and Unicorns. Digital Dinosaurs are large, often multinational companies created before the arrival of the Internet. They exist in every industry and are important in terms of employment and contribution to GDP growth. They are however under threat and digital is accelerating this.

To survive and prosper, Digital Dinosaurs should continuously dance on a thin line between renewing their core business—putting digital into their core to create more delight for customers and to optimise internal processes—and designing the new—creating, building and scaling new businesses, products or solutions that can reinforce the core business of today and be ready to become the new core of tomorrow…