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I have 25 years’ experience in the telecom industry, web based services and the media. A passion for technology: I worked five years at Motorola, six at BT Worldwide Ltd and more than 10 at Microsoft/MSN. I grew from sales, through marketing functions through to ‘general business management’. I worked for half of my career abroad (Paris, London, Milan, Boston, New York, Seattle and Shanghai). These international adventures provide me with an additional dose of oxygen, an additional dose of energy and feed me regularly, allowing me to feed my entire environment, private and professionally, on my turn.

Talk introduction

Belgium in its whole (except some trendy nerds) tends to bring traditional media versus digital media into conflict. Wrong ! You and I consume media day in, day out. Dot. This distinction is inexistent for any type of people who consume any type of media.

At IPG Mediabrands, we are convinced that  the capacity of a business to understand and process relevant key trends will determine its  survival, regardless of its business itself, regardless on the media on which the business advertises. The purpose, the understanding of consumer’s expectations, a solid (e-)reputation, an intelligent use of data are at the core and will drive you to a specific media or not.

New Media won’t be the end of Press, Outdoor, TV, Radio at least if those media embrace the progress. Many are. Many are not.