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Simon White

Chief Strategy Officer

FCB West


Simon White is Chief Strategy Officer for FCB West based in San Francisco, creating global campaigns for brands such as Levi’s and Clorox. Prior to that he worked at FCB Inferno icon London on brands such as BMW, Mondelez and Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity.

He also worked at Grey London on brands such as The sun, the Times, Allianz globally, Pringles, British Heart Foundation, P&G and AOL.

Simon has worked on many meaningful campaigns, such as working with homeless charity ‘The Big Issue’ to give homeless people a trade and a way off the street by setting them up in business with mobile coffee shops. He worked with British Heart Foundation in an award campaign to teach people hands-only CPR with Vinnie Jones that went on to safe a number of lives. He also helps brands develop meaningful campaigns designed to help society as well as the sales line, such as the latest award-winning campaign for Levi’s.


What’s the purpose of brand purpose? 

Brand Purpose has come to dominate marketing theory as the key to growth, but does telling the world your values make for effective advertising? Have we reached peak purpose?

Using recent examples, I’ll look at when brand purpose works, and when it doesn’t, and look at the lessons we can take from each.