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Peter Field

Marketing and Advertising Consultant


Peter spent 15 years as a strategic planner in advertising and has been a marketing consultant for the last 20 years.

Effectiveness case study analysis underpins much of his work, which includes a number of important marketing and advertising texts and his pioneering work on the link between creativity and effectiveness. His latest work in partnership with Les Binet, published in May 2017 –Media in Focus – examines the media myths and truths of the digital era.

He has a global reputation as an effectiveness expert and communicator and speaks and consults regularly around the world about effectiveness issues.

He is a contributor to the Wharton Future of Advertising Project.

Talk introduction

The digital revolution has been going on for over twenty years, and has brought many benefits to marketers. But all is not well in marketing.

Peter Field will present findings from a new IPA Effectiveness Databank study, which examines what has changed in marketing effectiveness and what has not and concludes that many have been misled. In particular marketing remains primarily a numbers game: the main way brands grow in the long term is still by increasing penetration through brand building. This is best achieved using broad reach media, not through tight digital targeting.

Unfortunately, the explosion of short-termism in marketing since the global financial crisis has resulted in declining effectiveness. Peter Field will argue that we need to strike a better balance between short and long-term advertising if we want to exploit the full effectiveness potential of the evolving media landscape.