Nicole Greenfield-Smith

Head of Research



Nicole is Head of Research at Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK. She is passionate about research and has commissioned, managed and delivered virtually every one of their research projects – many which have won industry awards – since she joined the company back in 2006.

Nicole began her career in media after completing her Masters in Research Consultancy. She has worked for several organisations including Billets, Flextech TV, The BBC and Accenture before landing the role at Thinkbox and finding her spiritual home.

Outside of Thinkbox, Nicole is a self-confessed TV addict. When she’s not watching the box or downloading her favourite shows (for research purposes, obviously) she loves embarrassing her kids and catching-up on the F1.

Talk introduction

The advertising industry is pretty unique. We’re generally educated, upmarket, and time-poor and this shows through in our lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour – particularly when it comes to technology and media.

In this session, Nicole Greenfield-Smith from Thinkbox will talk you through the relationship between media, advertising and the general public in the UK, before putting the advertising industry in the spotlight to see how accurately they reflect the rest of the nation.