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Mark Herman is one of the founders of sympl – a startup bringing the full recruiting experience online.

As a marketeer with more than 20 years of experience, Mark has worked in FMCG marketing & sales for Unilever, Kraft Foods (when it fortunately still wasn’t yet renamed to Mondelez) & BAT – in Belgium, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, Switzerland and the UK.
He first worked in an internet startup (Proxis.be) as marketing director, right before the internet bubble burst in 2001 – both those events are allegedly unrelated.
That experience dit not stop him from starting up sympl with Steven Pyck in 2015. At sympl, Mark is responsible for marketing & sales but also making sure there is coffee available and the heating works. He is a mentor at Startit@KBC for several startups. He has been described as a visionary by people who confuse him with Elon Musk.

Talk introduction

Conversational commerce is generally used to describe how consumers can use chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with brands or services – an approach that was not yet possible in the one way communication approach that brands have used till now.

But even in a high tech messaging environment, technology is only an enabler and a true “brand-consumer dialogue”  can only be successful when providing real value to consumers.

Mark will talk about what sympl has learned building the first recruiting chatbot in Europe, helping marketeers to understand when and how (not if!) they should start an interactive dialogue with their consumers.