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Marc Herremans

Keynote and motivational speaker, Coach 185 center, Founder TWA foundation, Team manager, Ambassador WFL Run


Marc was born on the 19th of December 1973. At the age of 22, Marc started training and participating in triathlons. He became the Belgian champion twice and came 8th in a world championship. At the age of 27 he could finally compete in the mythical triathlon of Hawaii, the official world championship of the IRONMAN. 2002 was the year he was going to win the title “World Champion IRONMAN. In 2002 Marc became paralyzed from his chest to this toes.  Marc succeeded, despite his complete paralysis from the chest downwards, to be the 2006 World champion IRONMAN. In the meantime Marc’s “To Walk Again Foundation” gained a reputation as a leading and respectable charity. The foundation offers people sport and constant reassessment to keep them healthy in the short term and prepare them for the long term should there ever be a medical solution for paraplegia. In 2008 Marc began coaching athletes in cycling, triathlon’s, mountain-biking, motor cross, bmx, etc etc. After a few years Marc was nominated with 10 others for the coach of the year award in Belgium. In 2012 he founded, together with his partner and brother in law, the 185 Coaching Centre, a centre where people are guided to achieve personal sporting goals. In 2013 Marc’s most precious item on the bucket list became reality with the birth of his daughter Anne-Lou.

Talk introduction

Thanks to the help and support of friends and family Marc turned the impossible into the possible. Marc saw that every setback in life is a chance to fight back and not a reason to give up, and that teamwork in an individual sport is crucial to success. Also, he learnt that extremely negative changes in life still give opportunities to find new ways to achieve your goals. Life itself, and to be able to fight for your goals, is an absolute must. Life is the most precious gift, and that whatever happens we must always believe in our dreams and goals.

During his talk, Marc Herremans will show you:

  • how to turn a setback into an opportunity
  • how setbacks stimulate creativity and challenges
  • that every disadvantage has an advantage
  • how to expand your boundaries by concentrating on the positive
  • that by teamwork you will achieve greater success