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Lunch & Learn

Stop talking about AI, start doing!
Stéphane Sloodts from Proximus shows you how important it is to practice AI yourself and experience how technology is helping marketeers.

About the speaker

Stephane Sloodts, Segment Marketing Manager, Customer Relationship Management at Proximus

About the session

Differentiating on customer experience with AI
Just because business collects more and more data, it doesn’t necessarily enable it to build a 360-degree view of the customers to serve them in a better way.
Satisfied customers are more likely to buy other products, add more services and stay loyal. In the current digital world this is a real challenge.
Proximus uses a real time decision engine to determine the next-best action based on the individual behaviors, preferences and product subscriptions.
It sees that artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will play a vital role as it continues to enhance its analytics capabilities. AI is increasingly important to extract hidden trends and patterns from big data during the customer journey.
After this lunch & learn and it’s discussion you will have food for thought to rethink how to deliver personalized services that boosts your customer retention.