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Lunch & Learn


Nathan Axford, founder of BEYOND REASON
Olivier Tjon, founder of BEYOND REASON

About the speakers

Throughout a 15 year long trajectory Nathan has enjoyed working for Fortune 500 companies, in a wide variety of market categories: DHL Express Global, ABInbev, Cadbury, UCB, Sara Lee.
He covered the whole spectrum of marketing related jobs, from humble beginnings as a junior marketeer,
over senior positions, mktg director at Orangina Schweppes international, to end in beauty as global comm’s director at DHL. 5 years ago, he traded corporate life for his passion in Behavioural psychology and Neuromarketing.

In the late nineties Olivier created his own brand activation agency, and built a reputation with hallmark non- conventional projects for majors in music, film and entertainment: Universal, Warner, Sony, Sony Playstation. Quickly followed by high profile brands desperate to reach the ‘young urban adult’ demographic: Virgin Airlines, Diesel Jeans, Coke Light, Sprite, Red Bull. The agency’s success attracted mainstream brands in urgent need of some edgy coolness or marketing rejuvenation: British American Tobacco, Kraft Foods, Danone, … and AB-Inbev where he met Nathan.

About the session

Exploiting neuroscience to hack the purchase decision is no science-fiction plot!
It’s already boosting sales for some of the world’s biggest brands: ESTEE LAUDER, PROXIMUS, PEPSICO, MONDELEZ, VOLKSWAGEN, TUI, REDBULL, UNILEVER, EDF LUMINUS,…
The BEYOND REASON method focuses on the essence of marketing: understanding what drives purchase decisions in a most scientific and actionable manner.
Their model reveals with unprecedented clarity how the brain processes decisions, evaluates brands & their communications.
It accurately solves the most common marketing challenges: awareness, preference, perceived value, recruitment, loyalty & customer satisfaction.
If you want to hack your customer’s decision making process, dont miss this session!