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Lunch & Learn

Building your marketing stack the agile way. How to outpace change and be a consistent winner in the battle for consumer engagement.

Jonathan Wuurman, Marketing Automation Evangelist, ACTITO

About the speaker

Jonathan Wuurman

After a decade in marketing, sales and product management, Jonathan has built up a passion for helping marketers leverage digital technology to provide outstanding customer experiences. His motto drives his passion: “Always be curious, never stop learning”.

About the session

Marketing automation engages customers at the right time, through the right channel with the right content. Everyone knows that. You can go the agile way with a team of experts as part of the solution or buy a brand with lots of leverage and a big reputation to protect. Both are valid, but if you’re anything other than a big brand yourself, you need to run lean, fast and flexible, and be constantly testing, learning and honing what you offer. Until it’s the best it can be.

Join ACTITO for lunch and discover how to select a marketing automation tool to craft engaging journeys and conversations that get you to market fast, with products and services shaped by your customers.