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Kristof De Wulf

Co-founder and CEO

InSites Consulting


Kristof De Wulf is co-founder and CEO of InSites Consulting, a global consumer insight & collaboration agency ranked as the 5th most innovative one in the world (GRIT 2017).  He started his career at Vlerick Business School where he spent more than 15 years taking roles as Associate Marketing Professor, Partner, and Member of the Board. He is a sought-after speaker on topics like collaboration, customer experience and consumer centricity (most recently at TEDx Ghent). He is STIMA Master Marketer, member of the Belgian EFFIE Awards jury and also the driving force behind the “Change League Community”, a community of +100 CEOs with like-minded business change makers sharing best practices among each other on how to get to the future first.

Talk introduction

The era of average is over

No need to repeat the VUCA world is here and it is here to stay. While the power of ‘averages’ has successfully served the marketing community for so long, applying average thinking is now turning brands all over the world into zombies with most consumers not caring if 76% of all brands would disappear (Havas Media Group). If brands want to remain relevant and successful, they need to let go of average and embrace the edges. In his talk, Kristof shares his view on how brands can benefit from edgy versus average thinking.