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Franklin Foer

The Atlantic


The former editor of The New Republic, Franklin Foer is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and fellow at the New America Foundation. One of today’s most respected magazine journalists, Foer is also the author of the acclaimed book How Soccer Explains the World as well as World Without Mind.
An enlightening  and engaging speaker, Foer offers astute commentary on economics, globalizaton, the tech industry, and our current political climate.


The Existential Threat of Big Tech

Our lives have come to be dominated by a series of companies–Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple– that have emerged from Silicon Valley. They have rooted themselves deeply in our lives–waking us in the morning, staying with us as we go about our day. They have created essential devices that add efficiency to our lives, buy they have also abused our privacy and leveraged personal information to addict us to their products. With their concentrated economic power, they can exert control over markets, over the public discourse, and over democracy itself. Franklin Foer will chart the dangers of these companies, but also explain where they come from. He argues that they have a view of human nature that they are able to impose through their products. And he suggests how we save ourselves from the twin dangers of monopoly and intellectual conformism.