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Elisabet Lamote 




Elisabet has a background of consulting and data driven marketing at Nielsen and Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Not able to accept a status quo, she will always strive to an optimal & sustainable way of working, and she is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. Trying to help local scouting boys to raise funds to rebuild their burned clubhouse, together with Jan Dejonghe and Klaas Olbrechts she plotted plans helping associations to collect the much-needed money to fullfill their dreams. Ans so Trooper was founded.
Trooper is a digital platform used to collect money for your good cause of association by online shopping. Every member of an association can support this association, just by doing online shopping via the Trooper website, without paying 1 euro extra.


How to realise an efficient marketing campaign for a brand, and at the same time be socially involved?

What is the impact of social, purpose driven marketing on a brand? How to realise a behaviour change within a community?

A new way of building strong brands, based on the story of Trooper.

Trooper is a new cybermediair building bridges between associations and brands.  Trooper is a loyalty & shopping portal on the one hand used to collect money for your good cause or association (sportsclub, youthclub, schools…) by online shopping and on the other hand used by brands to build strong bond with consumers by giving support to the association of their choice.  Trooper enables brands to integrate CSR in efficient marketing.