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Christophe Fauconnier 


Innate Motion Group


Christophe is co-author of several books like the Naked Consumer Today,  Creating Value People to people, Activists Dare to Care and Beyond the Powergirl. He has a masters degree in both Psychology and Marketing and he is a serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is CEO of the Innate Motion Group and a board member of African Drive, in/pact and B corp Europe.

Bringing human sense to B2B in a world that applies too much business sense to humans is what he and the folks at Innate Motion do best and Christophe has done this with the people who plea some of the best brands an companies in the world.


Happiness is creating value as people, with people, for people

With business we can create a lot happiness. With business we can destroy a lot happiness.
To create happiness with business good intentions are not enough. You need to craft meaningful fictions that people want to buy into and unlock people’s capacity to give a damn.

I’ve personally worked hard to create happiness with business by creating global strategy consultancy firm called Innate Motion https://innatemotion.com/ whose purpose it is to humanize business.  I’ve also created a sports and community hub in Spain called Innate Active https://innateactive.com/ , whose purpose it is to make healthier and happier living fun and easy.  I’ve also had to privilege to work closely with the biggest companies in the world who want to craft brands with purpose and do marketing that can create more happiness, corporations like Unilever, Danone, Visa among others. And I’ve worked with businesses like Ben&Jerry’s or Toms shoes who have changed their business models to create more happiness for diverse stakeholders. But today I do not want to speak about these businesses with you, but rather about 3 businesses that I’m very close to who have failed and thrived by harnessing (and failing to harness) the power of social identities to create happiness as people, with people, for people. The business I will be sharing stories about are Saris for good karma  http://www.togethersa.co.za/portfolio/saris-for-good-karma/, Streetwise https://www.streetwize.be/en , and African Drive http://www.africandrive.be/ to provide you with some learning and inspiration on how to fail and succeed at creating happiness with business.