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Caroline Hugonenc, Global VP Research & Insights

About the speaker

Caroline Hugonenc – Global VP Research & Insights





Luc Schaefer, Senior Creative – Isobar





Sophie Nicaise, Head of social media/ ING





Michael Liekens, Head of Digital / TBWA

About the session

Creative Revolution: The New Storytelling

With the rise of mobile and AI, advertising has never been more personal or engaging before. Yet we continue to think like we did 10 years ago. In a time when our eyes spend more time looking at our mobile screens than TV, 80% of ads that run on mobile are recycled from TV with no optimizations or consideration for the digital user experience.

From making shorter content without compromising branding, to optimizing ads with sound on/off mobile cues, it is an exciting time to be in advertising. Innovation and insights sit at the cross-roads for growth in digital. Dynamic creative optimization has never been easier to produce at high scale, quality and measurability. Thanks to an abundance in data and connectivity, digital campaigns can yield the same if not higher returns than TV alone, and Caroline HUGONENC from Teads will tell us all about it.