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Bob Hoffman

Author and speaker

Ad Contrarian


Bob is one of the most sought-after international speakers on advertising and marketing.
He has written a few successful books. His most recent, “BadMen: How Advertising Went From A Minor Annoyance To A Major Menance” was selected as #1 new release in advertising by Amazon and foresaw many of the issues that are now making international headlines. Bob’s other books include “Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey” and “101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising”.

He is author of the popular “The Ad Contrarian” blog, named one of the world’s most influential marketing and advertising blogs by Business Insider.

Bob has been the CEO of two independent agencies and the US operation of an international agency. He has created advertising for McDonald’s, Toyota, PepsiCo, Bank of America, AT&T,…

In 2012 he was selected Ad Person of the Year by the San Francisco Advertising Club.

Bob has served on the boards of the Advertising and marketing International Network, the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education, and spent one year as Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences.


Marketers are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey

Bob has given this talk to advertising, marketing, and media audiences all over the globe. It is based on his best-selling book of the same name. The talk explores the gap between how marketers think and consumers behave.
It focuses on three dangerous and costly marketing delusions: The Digital Delusion, The Brand Delusion, and The Age Delusion. Each of these delusions start with a little bit of truth and then twist and torture the facts until they do marketers more harm than good.

With an armload of data, and a little bit of humor, Bob shows how over ten years of assertions and predictions by marketing and advertising “experts” have cost marketers billions.

If you are not already skeptical about the pronouncements of “experts,” you will be after this talk.