Bertrand Beaudichon


Mediaplus France


Since 2015 Bertrand Beaudichon is the co-founder and president of Mediaplus, a media branch of Service Plan. He worked ten years at DDB France, then he spent six years as Vice-President of Omnicom Media Group (OMD, PHD, Fuse) and as COO of Phd France. He also was president of the French Media agencies association Udecam between 2013 and 2015 and president of the CESP (Centre d’Étude des Supports de Publicité) between 2012-2014.

Talk introduction

Media landscape 2017, time for a new deal

Based on the description of the 7 key trends that we can draw of the current media landscape, we will try to determine the mega challenges that face advertisers, and their way to collaborate with their different partners, sales houses, and data owners. We think it is time for a new deal, to take the best benefit possible of what data has brought to our business, which can turn right… or seriously wrong.