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Alfred Levi

Senior Vice-President Marketing and Media



Alfred is born on January 22, 1963 in Amsterdam. Educated at the Vossius Gymnasium, followed by two Master degrees in Econometrics and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. He followed traineeships at Tata (Bombay, India), Heineken (Zoeterwoude) and worked during his study at the University. Amongst other activities, Alfred was a member of the University council and editor for a national newspaper (Parool).

Following his study, Alfred started working at Procter & Gamble, where he performed several roles in the are of marketing, media and sales. In his last  four years, Alfred was member of the Management Team of the Benelux and worked as Marketing and Sales Director, responsible for several categories and foor/non-food channels specifically.

Between 2000 and 2012 Alfres was founder and CEO of 3MO, a marketing consultancy firm dedicated to marketing, communication and media effectiveness. Between 2002 and 200! Alfred was chairman of the Dutch Marketing Institute and member of many advisory boards. In addition, he wrote almost 10 years monthly contributions for “Tijdschrift voor Marketing” and was founder and chairman of two yearly marketing events. In 2012 Alfred started working for Royal Ahold. First in the position of Commercial Director Albert Heijn and since early 2014 as Senior VP Marketing and Media for Ahold Delhaize. In addition, Alfred holds board positions at Griffon, VGZ and Marfo.


Retail Media: the next marketeers hope

Retail is changing rapidly. Technology is challenging the status quo as customers discover many different ways to fulfill their daily food needs and competition is coming from every single corner.

Marketing is changing as well. The basic rule of fulfilling consumer needs and desires still holds, but the way we get our brands, stories, benefits and propositions to that same consumer is also in a turmoil change. Our management and stakeholders expect immediate ROI and RoAS, our customers expect direct conversion offering at any type of communication around a brand and everyone is looking for integration for online and offline efforts and results. Old Communication and Media Channels don’t deliver against the new expectations. Marketers are in search of new options

Retailers are in the middle of that development. We have multiple contacts with millions of clients every day, we know their purchase behavior and so can target them more precise than any other type of media can. And we can close the loop, by linking purchases to marketing efforts. The dream of any Marketer.

For that reason, AholdDelhaize has developed a Global Marketing & Media program with a go-to-market team in all countries, in Belgium MMD (Marketing & Media Delhaize). In my contribution for the Marketing Congress I will share the background, set up, content and future of working with our Ahold Delhaize retailer marketing/media/data opportunities. And provide some examples how shopper and market data may strongly improve the impact of marketing and media investments.